What is Glitchr - Glitch Video Editor?

Give your photos and videos a completely new appearance with the most creative effects to distort your photos, and turn every single picture into a complete masterpiece with the huge list of professional editing tools Glitch Art brings to the palm of your hand.

• Take amazing photos and selfies with the large quantity of incredible filters Glitch Art have for you to unleash your creativity.

• Record your videos and apply as many real-time effects as you want.

• Edit the photos and videos you have in your gallery and distort them with the large library of effects that will make your photos look amazing.

• Edit your photos and apply the coolest filters and light effects to make your photos get more popularity.

• Resize your photos and videos to fit with any social network.

• Distort your most valuable memories and share them with your family and friends.

• Get inspiration from some famous photos and videos in completely free online platforms.

Distort your photos and videos with cool retro effects, and surprise everybody with the creative collection of pictures Glitch Art will create for you.

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